Summary: Mutt? and Merging a text file with a pdf or postscript file

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Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 10:57:11 EDT
Thanks for the help...
Here is some of the replies I have recieved.
Please read question two again, I have clarified what I am trying to do.

1.  In Mutt is there away to change the name of the attachment you would
be sending?  Using sendmail I would use the following syntax:
uuecode /tmp/dave.dat  Eng_test.wri | mailx -s "Test Mail" $Mail301

QUESTION 1 Summary
"Thanks Jay Lessert"
The simple-minded way (often the best!) would be:

    ln -s /tmp/dave.dat /tmp/Eng_test.wri
    mutt -a /tmp/Eng_test.wri -s "Test Mail" $Mail301 < /dev/null
    rm tmp/Eng_test.wri

2.  I have been assigned to take a text file and merge it with a pdf or
postscipt file and then send to a printer or email?

I am not sure I was too clear on what I was trying to achieve so I will try
to explain a little more.
We print Invoices on a pre-printed forms on a dot matrix printer.
I would like to create the overlay by scanning it in and saving as a pdf or
PS file,
then taking the text file for the data and overlaying them together.  I
I had stated merging them which most thought of appending to the file.  So
what I wish
to accomplish is having an overlay file and a a text file and putting them
together as one,
then emailing or printing on a laser printer.  This must be done in UNIX
not Adode, since there
will be alot of Invoices printed.  I would like to script it.

QUESTION 2 Summary
I haven't had any answers that will work yet, but I have been pointed at a
few packages that
will do conversions.

a2ps, ghostscript, and PSUtils

Any other suggestion on this issue would be welcome.

Thanks Again to all that have replied to my questions.

Dave Landsiedel
Bismarck ND
Received on Mon Oct 8 15:57:11 2001

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