SUMMARY: Veritas raw volume protection mask assignment on system boot;How to retain assigned owner/prot?

From: <>
Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 08:01:51 EDT

Thanks very much for the prompt responses to my recent question on Veritas,
all were very much appreciated. Apologies for the slightly delayed summary
communication. The solution appears directly below, my original query
appears below that.


Kevin Milsom
Vodafone Ltd (UK)


You need to use vxedit to make the changes permenate.

eg. vxedit -g <diskgroup> set user=oracle group=dba mode=777 <volume name>



A Veritas query, which I don't believe arises on HP (my predominant unix
experience, so apologies if this is obvious ...)

A Veritas raw volume has been created and assigned for use by the Informix
product. By default, the protection mask of the volume (dev/vx/rdsk/<dg
name>/<vol name>) is 600, the ownership root:root. Development have
requested that ownership be changed to the apps user and group
(informix:informix) to allow the required access to the volume, and also
that protection be changed to 777 (probably much more than is req'd, but for
now that will do).

At server reboot time, it appears that protection is reset to 600 and
ownership to root:root, and thereafter the req'd development access is lost.
Is there a more elegant resolution to this, than perhaps writing a noddy
script to reset everything after veritas start-time, but before the app
starts up?


Kevin Milsom

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