SUMMARY: Mount NTFS from Solaris 2.5.1

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Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 10:14:26 EDT
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Hello World;

I've seen discussions on how to mount/access Solaris file systems from an
NT box;
Have not seen any for mounting an NTFS onto a Solaris 2.5.1 box.

Do I need an NT service to share the file system onto the Unix world?
Do I need a Solaris server (process) to mount/access the NTFS?

Any help/suggestions appreciated!

Hello Angel,

You mount nfs from NT like you do from any other UNIX.
NFS -  is a standard thing and no matter  server is MacOS, WIN or MS.

sure you need a nfs server service on NT side.


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Ken German wrote:

Simple answer is you need Samba to do this.
Benjamin W. Ritcey wrote:

The only one I've played with is Sharity (Sharity Lite, really) -


"Benjamin W. Ritcey" <>

AFAIK, using samba you can get ftp-like access into SMB shares (ie,
windows shares from NT,9X,2000 boxes). Only Linux (to my knowledge) has
the capacity to mount SMB shares onto the filesystem in a manner
analogous to NFS shares. (it is a kernel-level option that must be
compiled into linux-kernel...)

There are also web-based samba browser utilities out there (open source
of course) which use the tools provided by samba to give browse access
to SMB shares. But alas not true filesystem access.

Not sure if this is any help, but possibly it is relevant.

-Tim Chipman
Tim Chipman <>

Basicaklly you have two choices:

1) nfs server for the NT box

	There are several available, Hummingbird makes one and I believe
the NT 4.0 Resource kit even includes an NFS server.

2) smb client for the Solaris box

	The ones I'm aware of are Sharity and Sharity Lite.  These are
available from:

BTW, I'm sure that this question has been asked before, you should try
searching the archives, you may find more answers there.

-- John

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One thing that may work is Samba installed on the Solaris machine..... Its
primary use is to make the Solaris box look like an NT machine, but it also
includes an smbclient. Just share out the resources on the NT box, and use
smbclient on the Solaris box to connect....

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Mounting Solaris File Systems on NT via smb protocol-> Samba or PC Netlink
services for Solaris (need to install on Solaris)

Mounting NTFS on Solaris :  Microsoft services 2.0 (install on Windows box)
or Sharity (Install on Solaris box).

Marcelino Mata <>

> Have not seen any for mounting an NTFS onto a Solaris 2.5.1 box.

Well, a couple of weeks ago I 'discussed' a subject 'Two-way filesharing
Windows SMB/Solaris' on this list.

> Do I need an NT service to share the file system onto the Unix world?
> Do I need a Solaris server (process) to mount/access the NTFS?

You need eg. a NFS server on the NT side to be able to NFS mount NTFS
file systems on the Solaris side.
I myselfe have ordered the Microsoft collection (Windows) 'Services for
Unix 2.0':

Terje J. Hanssen
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Use pc nfs on windoze machine.
please check web for download.

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RaghuNathL <>

Share the filesystem on the NT box and mount the share with Sharity on
the Sun. 

Sharity is a commercial product, see .
We use and like it.


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