SUMMARY: How to tell which disk your booted on. VXVM encapsulated disks.

From: Steve Hastings <>
Date: Tue Oct 02 2001 - 13:05:22 EDT

I knew it would be simple. See below for original posting.

 Many thanks to Jesse Adams, James Clark,John S. Howard,Bryan
Pepin,Bertrand Hutin,Frank "Buddy" DeMontier,Matt M. Morris,Darren Dunham,&
Buddy Lumpkin.

Jesse Adams was the first  response, that gave me exactly what I was
looking for.

prtconf -vp | grep bootpath

This will  provide the device path to the disk booted from.

Thanks, again.

Steve Hastings

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Subject:  [Veritas-vx] How to tell which disk your booted on. VXVM
      encapsulated disks.


Any thoughts on how to tell which disk your booted from. Looking for a
possible command, or technique, seems quite simple but with a veritas
encapsulated disk, I am blanking on a way.  With out VXVM encapsulation df
-k works fine, or /etc/vfstab.

my devalias is set, and boot-disk is also set, but  finding the devaliased
path somewhere that indicates I am booted from that disk is stumping me.


Will summarize.


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