SUMMARY: FTP weirdity....

From: Ravi Channavajhala <>
Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 20:08:34 EDT
Thanks to William Hataway, who was able to jog my memory (
its getting rusty!!!), the reason is the FTP client looks
for the exact path on the getting system to copy this into
when using full paths.  In my case

the getting client doesn't have

/db_dumps/oracle/DNYFTI02/export, hence the ENOENT.  Same
goes for /var/test, as an ordinary user I cant write to
/var, again getting the file into lcd works.

Thanks also to Stephen Harris (

Case closed.


NY NY 10010

On Mon, 1 Oct 2001, Ravi Channavajhala wrote:

>Hi All,
>I cant seem to remember this, but why does ftp get with full path
>/<XXX>/<XXX>/file fails, but cd to /<XXX>/<XXX> and then get file
>succeeds?  ftp is happening between two solaris hosts, with the
>remote file system being vxfs, OS is solaris 2.7.  I'm using
>SUN-FTP.  Please refrain from making suggestions like use WU-ftpd
>etc., I am aware of different FTP servers, my query is specific,
>it has to do with SUN ftp.
>The problem is only when using full path names....
>Example below
>ftp> bi
>200 Type set to I.
>ftp> get /db_dumps/oracle/DNYFTI02/export/report.txt
>/db_dumps/oracle/DNYFTI02/export/report.txt: No such file or directory
>ftp> cd /db_dumps/oracle/DNYFTI02/export/
>250 CWD command successful.
>ftp> get report.txt
>200 PORT command successful.
>150 Binary data connection for report.txt (,46592) (36291
>226 Binary Transfer complete.
>local: report.txt remote: report.txt
>36291 bytes received in 0.027 seconds (1311.01 Kbytes/s)
>ftp> cd /
>250 CWD command successful.
>ftp> get /db_dumps/oracle/DNYFTI02/export/report.txt
>/db_dumps/oracle/DNYFTI02/export/report.txt: No such file or directory
>Also, sometimes I get a permission problem trying with a full path
>on a different file system,
>ftp> get /var/test
>/var/test: Permission denied
>ftp> cd /var
>250 CWD command successful.
>ftp> get test
>200 PORT command successful.
>150 Binary data connection for test (,46830) (67 bytes).
>226 Binary Transfer complete.
>local: test remote: test
>Any ideas?  If I need a patch for FTP please let me know.
>NY NY 10010

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