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Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 17:57:01 EDT
All ,

                  This is the response I got:

1)From hendrik:

This depends.
 SunScreen EFS (
 SunScreen SPF (
 CheckPoint FireWall-1 (
 ipfilters (search the web as it's a source code package)

are all versions I've used in some or other fashion on Suns

2)From steve:

Gauntlet is the system my company uses.
Created by NAI/PGP.
We're happy with our system.

Check out their web site:

3)From Dennis:

The product most installed on Sun systems is Checkpoint's Firewall-1.
Though other product works well on Sun hardware and OS.  Raptor, Gauntlet,
etc.  If I'm not mistaken Firewall-1 was designed to run on Sun SPARC
systems and Solaris OS environments.  Hope this helps.

Dennis Keller
Network Security Administrator
Phone: 717-770-7766
  DSN: 977-7766


This is the original question:


              I have not got a chance to work on the firewall's so far. I
want to know which is the Firewall application
              mostly used on the Sun environment. I would appreciate if I
get a documentation regarding this or
              any url's...that explains the configuration.


Chandrashekar Mani
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