SUMMARY: HME Driver Question

From: Mark A. Bialik <>
Date: Thu Sep 27 2001 - 19:49:59 EDT
Summary:  I wanted to wait to write this summary until after I rebooted
the machine :)

I reinstalled the HME packages from CD before I rebooted.  The system
networking came up just fine.  Thanks to the three that responded, and
thanks to Sun for changing package descriptions in the upcoming Solaris
9.  Why they would describe PCI/Sbus drivers as 'Sbus' is beyond me.



>From Christopher Dupre:

What you did is bad - you nuke your NIC driver. Next time you reboot,
you'll be without network. In fact, if you ifconfig hme0 down you may be
without network.

Solution: Install back those packages from the original CD-ROM.


>From Mike Ekholm:

take a peak, make sure you still have these files:

-rwxr-xr-x  1 root     sys        115776 Apr  3 06:42
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root     sys         85008 Apr  3 06:42 /kernel/drv/hme

If they are gone, you are screwed, and need to put the pkgs back.


>From Casper Dik:

If you use HME, you will need to reinstall those packages;
preferrably before you next reboot (and need to get the CDs out)

And at Sun we did realize that the "SBus"  in the package name may
lead to mistakes likes yours so Solaris 9 has:

system      SUNWhmd        SunSwift Adapter Drivers
system      SUNWhmdu       SunSwift Adapter Headers
system      SUNWhmdx       SunSwift Adapter Drivers (64-bit)

Original Question:

On Mon, 24 Sep 2001, Mark A. Bialik wrote:

> Hello Managers:
> We recently had an episode where our root volume began to fill up, and I
> removed some extraneous packages (via pkgrm) from the system.  I was
> able to look at the package descriptions via pkginfo and decide if we
> needed them or not.  However, I also removed the following:
> SUNWhmd        SunSwift SBus Adapter Drivers
> SUNWhmdu       SunSwift SBus Adapter Headers
> SUNWhmdx       SunSwift SBus Adapter Drivers (64-bit)
> The pkgrm utility made some references to removing /kernel/drv/hme and
> now I notice the file reconfigure sitting under the root partition.  I
> know it's going to do some reconfiguring during the reboot (which I
> haven't done yet) and I'm afraid I may come up without networking...
> since my NIC is listed as hme0.
> I removed these packages since the system is PCI and not SBUS (in case
> you're wondering why I was so stupid).
> Did I do a bad thing here?  Is there a way I can check and see if I'll
> be OK during the next reboot?  Or are these purely SBUS files (like the
> description says)?  I suppose I could just reinstall the packages now
> while I have a chance, but I'd rather not have them on the system if
> they're not needed.
> Thanks for your help.  Will summarize.
> Mark
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