From: Thomas Jones <>
Date: Wed Sep 26 2001 - 12:11:43 EDT
I received three responses, from Rick Crelia, Kent Perrier, and Alan
Orndorff.  All had the same basic response. What's the point of doing a VCS
cluster when Directory Server 5 has multiple master and replication

I went back to the powers that be and asked why we're using DS 5 if we're
not going to take advantage of these features.  Paperwork was reviewed and
it was decided that we are now going to use DS 4.1, since some of the other
components we're using are not supported with DS 5.

Since installing DS 4.1, some seemingly intractible problems with said
components have simply gone away, proving once again that this list is an
invaluable resource.  Although in this case in a more subtle fashion than

Thanks again!


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> All,
> I'm going to be building an iPlanet Directory Server 5.0 clustered server
> using Veritas Cluster Server.  At this stage, Sun Cluster is not an
> (Long story, and I know you've better things to do.) 
> I was hoping that some of you have done this before and could send some
> tips, pointers, advice, condolences, or possibly even scripts my way.  I
> will summarize NLT Wednesday afternoon (local).
> TIA!


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