SUMMARY: resume printing to remote printer

From: Stacey Conrad <>
Date: Tue Sep 25 2001 - 17:37:14 EDT
I only received a few responses, most of which told me to do things that I
already did.  

The closest thing to helping (even though it didn't) was the following
suggestion to create a new queue and move the queued jobs.  We didn't even
have to move the jobs, they were magically there.

--- from Gobbo, Carl (CCL) ---
You could creating a new queue to that same printer and using lpmove to move
all jobs from the old queue to the new one.

lpadmin -p newxerox1a -s <remote printer server>!xerox1a # if you are using
a printer server
lpadmin -p newxerox1a -s xerox1a # if xerox1a is the name of the printer

lpmove xerox1a newxerox1a

Oddly enough, the jobs eventually printed, hours and hours later.  We're
thinking that it might be related to network problems that we've been
having, so we're going to look into that a little more.

Thanks for the suggestions,
Stacey Conrad
Millersville University

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We've got a remote printer with 15 jobs in the print queue.  New jobs are
printed successfully, but these 15 older jobs are not being processed.  Does
anyone know a way to force the jobs to print?   We've tried restarting
lpsched to no avail.  The printer was also powered off and on again.  We'd
rather not cancel and resubmit them if possible.  

enable and disable give the following warning:  Warning: xerox1a is remote,
enable has no meaning.

lpq shows that the printer is online and idle.  
lpstat shows that the printer is idle, enabled, and available.  

The machine is running Solaris 7.
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