SUMMARY: Problem with ultra 5 and Symbios SCSI.

From: Tobias Lundquist <>
Date: Sun Sep 23 2001 - 05:37:23 EDT

Here comes the summary of the problem with my box.

The reason why I can't probe the devices is simply, the card dos'nt have 
openboot support. Thats also the reason I can't boot with it. 
But once the glm driver is loaded i can use the disks. The be able to use 
the disk I'll do like this:
mount / /boot from IDE.
mount /var, /usr, /opt, /export and swap from SCSI 

This works fine and is for sure a preformence boost. 

Thanks to:
Darren Dunham
Stan Pietkiewicz
Pankaj Anand
Thomas Anders
John D Groenveld

original question was:

I have just added a Symbios 53c895 to my Ultra 5 270.
The update of openboot to 3.29 went fine. The prblem is I can't probe scsi
devies, tryed with 'probe-scsi' and 'probe-scsi-all' and it just return to
ok promt without probing My 2 9.1Gb scsidisk.

The very strange thing is that i can use them in booted Solaris.
No problems to creat filsyetems or mount them.
Dose anyone have a clue?

//Tobias "toydoll" Lundquist 

world# rm -rf /usr/bin/laden

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