Summary - Information on Sun KVM Switches (very late)

From: Kathy Ange <>
Date: Fri Sep 21 2001 - 15:45:14 EDT
First I need to apologize for such a long delay in for
the summary.  I received a lot a help for
recommendation but not one vendor stood out.  I was
even more confused as many suggested a terminal or
console server.  So I needed to dig-in and figure it
all out myself.

Original question:
I was looking for recommendation on a KVM switch.

A terminal server or a console sever sounds like a
really great idea but to expensive and more
capabilities than we need at this time.  I'm sill not
really clear on all the advantages.  I know it allows
the system admin to dial-in from home or into remote
locations to work on the machines.  Fortunately we
don't have remote locations and we only have a 9-5
system availability (and that is nice)

So I decide I really wanted a KVM Switch, but I wanted
something native to SUN, not something I need to buy
conversion kits for.  I have narrowed the field down
to two vendors and they have both agreed to loan their
product to me for 30 days so I can test them out.  One
is the Lightwave Server Switch 8200
( and the second one is Network
Technologies Inc Universal Multiplatform Switch

Following is the stats of vendors recommended
Blackbox 	6 
Lightwave 8200 	2
Belkin	        4
Raritan    	3
Autoview 400	2
Rose Electronics 2  	I still need to check this one
Others 	        7	( recommended by only one) 

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