SUMMARY: Enterprise 250 with different CPU modules

From: Marcelo Maraboli <>
Date: Fri Sep 21 2001 - 15:26:45 EDT
Hello Admins..

I thank all the people who kindly responded to my question, which

"I have a SUN Enterprise 250 with 1 CPU module at 400Mhz (2Mb
My question is if I can add a second 400Mhz (4 Mb cache) CPU or
both CPUs have to be exactly the same Mhz && cache size ???"

The answer is YES, they have to be the same speed and cache size.

Some folks say that 2 different CPU will work at the lowest Mhz speed
and at the minimum cache size. This is done by negotiating and is
not supported by SUN, but reported to work.

Marcelo Maraboli Rosselott
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       Direccion Central de Servicios Computacionales (DCSC)
         Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile.
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