SUMMARY: Not recognizing 4GB memory

From: Umesh Potbhare <>
Date: Tue Sep 18 2001 - 17:45:42 EDT

Finally, I had to replace the motherboard and 
after that it started recognizing 4GB Memory.

Thanks a lot!


Hello all,

I have ultra 450 Enterprise server on which I installed 4GB memory.
It shows only 2GB memory while booting.

I installed 256MB memory modules and all banks of A, B C and D are full
so no question of order even.
Also tried to reshuffle memory inorder to confirm that modules are
working fine. Memory modules are of Make Kingston.

Sun web page says that Ultra 450s are capable to expand the memory upto

At Ok prompt if I type command banner, it says 2048 MB memory and
openboot 3.20.

Any ideas why it is happening. Is there are any issues with OpenBoot
Note: On the same machine I faced the problem of NVROM password which is
fixed by replacing the NVROM from SUN.

The output of memconf is as below. It still shows the few slots are
empty even if there are memory modules installed.

hostname: ultra450
Sun Enterprise 450 (2 X UltraSPARC-II 296MHz)
Memory Interleave Factor = 2-way
       Interlv.  Socket   Size
Bank    Group     Name    (MB)  Status
----    -----    ------   ----  ------
  0        0       1901   256      OK
  0        0       1902   256      OK
  0        0       1903   256      OK
  0        0       1904   256      OK
  1        0       1801   256      OK
  1        0       1802   256      OK
  1        0       1803   256      OK
  1        0       1804   256      OK
empty sockets: U1701 U1702 U1703 U1704 U1601 U1602 U1603 U1604
total memory = 2048MB (2GB)

Appreciates all your valuable suggestions and time spend on it.

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