SUMMARY: NetBackup not working

From: Sue Thielen <>
Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 17:59:49 EDT
OK.. This appears to be fixed. A few minutes with a Veritas Support Engineer
all is working.

1. The sun supplied Jumbo patch trashed the st.conf entries.. I had to get
these entries.
2. The DLT drive in the L280 was replaced.
3. The tapes that had media problems were replaced.
4. Device Management of the Netbackup program had to be used to set the
drive into 
an UP status.

Thanks to all suggestions. robtest didn't give me much info.. but I will
(hopefully) remember
this one next time so that I can check out individual tapes. I really wish
that Veritas would
get their databases in order.


Original Post

I recently had some media problems, then some hardware
problems with an L280 on a Sparc 20 running Solaris 7 using 
netbackup 3.2.

I just installed the latest jumbo patch for netbackup 108261-08
as supplied by Sun, and had the drive replaced. Now I can't
get the backups to work at all. I keep getting an error
219 - the required storage unit is unavailable. I've tried creating
a new storage unit, and a new class using the new storage unit
but am getting the same error message.

Any hints or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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