SUMMARY: directory checksum error on tar command

From: Karki, Prabhat <>
Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 12:25:28 EDT
My original question was:

Hi all,
After downloading a *.gz file I used the gunzip. However, when I do tar -xvf
I get the ":directory checksum error". I tried using -i option with tar but
it didnt work. I re downloaded the file, and I keep getting the same error.
By the way the file I'm working on is the openssh at
Any idea what's causing this checksum error. And I'm also trying to install
gcc from the same site, which I need to install in order to install openssh.
And the in the case of gcc (which is also a tar file with .gz), I get error
even while trying to gunzip. So I'm kinda stuck here.
Any help would be really appreciated.


Well before I even got any responds to this problem, I realized what the
problem was and felt kinda dumb. It had been a while since I added any
packages from sunfreeware site. Normally I do it from the original donors
such as and go thru the usual process of gunzip, tar, ./configure,
make...., etc. etc. I completely forgot sunfreeware had modified these
packages to the sunpackages so after doing gunzip all I had to do was pkgadd
-d pkgname.. and that would skip all the steps and install the package.
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