SUMMARY: env vars being forced to specific values only for telnet connections

From: Martin Hepworth <>
Date: Fri Sep 14 2001 - 04:29:26 EDT
Thanks to all who replied esp Steve Bellovin and Casper Djik (sp?) on 
the comp.unix.solaris NG who both hit the nail on the head first time.

For some reason the local admins had restarted inetd rather than HUPing 
it when the very modifying /etc/inetd.conf. They had been good and su-ed 
to root (but not 'su -') thus root had all the users env vars. This was 
passed to inetd on there restart of inetd and inetd in turn was passing 
it to in.telnetd each time.....

So I logged in as root at the console and stopped/restarted inetd and 
voila everything is fine.


Martin Hepworth wrote:

> Hi all
> got an odd one...on solaris 2.6 sparc
> when everyone is telnetting to one of our servers  the $USER and other 
> env vars are being forced to one particular user. rsh (no comments [:-)] 
> etc are fine, as is su - someuser.
> I've put in echo's at the top of /etc/login and $USER even set wrong 
> there (before any local stuff).
> before I telnet to this system all the env vars are fine, so its not 
> like they are getting transferred.
> I tried trussing in.telnetd but after the initial startup I get little 
> besides the character read/write stuff
> Can't figure out how/why all these env vars (including loads of local 
> stuff) is getting set. All the perms on in.telnetd etc seem fine.
> Any ideas?
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