SUMMARY: Upgrade solaris 2.6 to 8, veritas problems

From: Jeff Painter <>
Date: Tue Sep 11 2001 - 07:24:20 EDT
Thanks to everyone that wrote to me on this one.

Fred Hall 
Julie L Baumler, SCSA
Andy Cordova
Dave Foster 
Changa Anderson 

but the last response I got was the simplest, made the most sense and
worked for me from Changa Anderson.

my initial problem was that I wanted to upgrade my solaris system only
(E3500 with solaris 2.6, veritas 3.0.4) to solaris 8 without any other

the simplest means was to execute from the veritas 3.0.4 cd in
scripts/upgrade_start and upgrade_finish after the operating system has
been put back in.

my primary boot drive was not in a veritas volume so the only other step i
had to do was to comment out my volumes in /etc/vfstab until after i had
executed upgrade_finish.

then one last reboot and the volumes came back online.

>From Changa:
>Actually, that is not correct.. the upgrade is very simple.. If you're 
>upgrading Solaris only (not VM), then follow these steps (it should be in 
>your VM documentation as well... be sure to check there first):
>If only the Solaris operating system will be upgraded then the 
>upgrade_start and upgrade_finish scripts will be used to preserve Volume 
>Manager information after the OS upgrade. Use the following steps to 
>perform the upgrade: 
>1) If any of the file systems /, /usr, /var,or /opt are defined on 
>volumes, make sure that at least one plex for each of those volumes is 
>formed from a single subdisk that begins on a cylinder boundary. This is 
>necessary because part of the upgrade process involves temporarily 
>converting file systems on volumes back to using direct disk partitions, 
>and Solaris requires that disk partitions start on cylinder boundaries. 
>The upgrade scripts automatically convert file systems on volumes back to 
>using regular disk partitions, as necessary. If the upgrade scripts detect 
>any problems (such as lack of cylinder alignment), they display an 
>explanation of the problem and the upgrade does not proceed. 
>2) Run the upgrade_start script to prepare Volume Manager for the OS 
>3) Shut down and halt the machine 
>4) Upgrade the operating system to Solaris 2.6, 7, or 8. Refer to the 
>Solaris installation documentation for instructions on how to upgrade 
>5) Reboot to single-user mode. 
>6) Complete the upgrade by entering upgrade_finish 
>7) Reboot to multi-user mode
>Volume Manager will not function properly until the upgrade_finish script 
>has been run. 
>hope this helps... Changa Anderson <>
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