SUMMARY: FTP hanging after "get"

From: BOLTON, Mark, IT-NWS <>
Date: Mon Sep 10 2001 - 10:10:13 EDT
Finally got this resolved. It turned out that the problem was with some
"Altion" network equipment (possibly switches for load balancing) at the
remote end (of which we have no control), the exact details of which I
unfortunately cannot get, but I understand that the ftp "control" port was
being timed out after about 10 minutes of inactivity. As we were using a
slow link and a large file, the timeout was occurring. This was fixed with a
firmware upgrade to the aforementioned network equipment. Sorry I can't give
more precise details.


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I'm having problems trying to "get" a file from a remote host using ftp. We
connect to the remote host via the following set-up:

   our-host -> bunch-o-routers ->  router -> firewall -> router -> 64K ISDN
-> remote-ftp-host**

   (**not sure what's at the remote end before the ftp host)

The ftp session hangs after the "get" and doesn't return to the ftp prompt,
but I can see that file appears to have fully downloaded by doing an "ls -l"
of the download directory and checking the file size. The file is about 4MB
and takes 10 mins to download. We have tried this on several of our servers
with the same results.

We connect to the remote host using a pseudo IP address configured on the
router at our end and some sort of address translation occurs (this is all
handled by our Network Team).

We are using the standard ftp client on Solaris 2.6 and the remote ftp
server appears to be wu-ftp 2.6.1.

Any idea where to start looking?

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