SUMMARY X/mottif license for checkpoint under solaris 2.6

From: Fabio K <>
Date: Sun Sep 09 2001 - 10:41:11 EDT
nobody replied but i got it running
the problem was to run cp 4.1 on win2k box i need at least sp2 on cp
the solution were to install on a nt with sp6a
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Subject: X/mottif license for checkpoint under solaris 2.6

> Dear All,
> i know this is not checkpoint list but i don't know if one exists,so if
> someone can solve this issue will be highly aprecciated.
> we actually have a checkpoint firewall-1  version 4.1 no patches
> got an evaluation license of motiff to administer it.
> unffortunetely our software was bound the license by ip adress and we have
> to change the ip adress,checkpoint already gave us a nem license for the
> purchased software,but without the x/motiff license (that was eval)the
> adresses inside the firewall remain unchenged.
> we really don't want to purchase an extra license.
> we try to install user interface under a nt/2000 but we coudn't have it
> any help will be appeciated
> faithfully
> Fabio
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