SUMMARY: crontab update in rdist

From: Darvin Pope <>
Date: Fri Sep 07 2001 - 09:33:57 EDT
Crontab in rdist

Thanks to all who responded, ESPECIALLY Sarah Eckhause, who put up with my 
ineptitude on a very simple shell primitive.

Original Question:

Is there a way i can add a crontab entry automatically, using rdist?

Best answer, From Bertrand Hutin:

create a file containing your crontab entry, a file containing a script,
and use a Distfile like this

crontab-entry -> remote
crontab-script -> remote
     special "sh ${FILE}";

crontab-script could be like:
crontab -l >crontab
cat crontab-entry >> crontab
crontab <crontab

Thanks to:

Dan Lowe
Dieter Gobbers
Buddy Lumpkin
and Sarah Eckhause

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