Summary:: Solstice Backup Upgrade

From: Raj, Dilip <>
Date: Thu Sep 06 2001 - 18:42:47 EDT

It turned out that with Solstice backup 6.0 Version, you have to buy
separate license to backup Sun Cluster Clients.
I installed the temporary enabler Unix Cluster Clients/25. My failed clients
was Sun Cluster 2.1 nodes.

It is strange that with older version ( Solstice backup 5.0.1) you can
backup Sun Cluster Clients without Unix Cluster Clients/25.

Original Questions:

I just upgrade my Solstice Backup Server and Clients from Solstice 5.1 to
Solstice Backup 6.0.
All clients worked except one clients. One clients is keep on getting

Also, I lost the notifications also.

Has anyone found this problem?

I will summerize.

Dilip Raj
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Access Control Center.
Motorola Broadband Communication Sector.
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