SUMMARY: Help regarding swap....

From: beginer unix <>
Date: Sun Sep 02 2001 - 23:57:55 EDT
Thanks to Rick Anderson, Kevin M Korb and Stephen

Original question

>I've noticed the following warning messages in the log file
>WARNING: /tmp: File system full, swap space limit exceeded
>So, I have added more swap space. But my query is,  before I've added the
>swap space, output of top was as follows
>Memory: 512M real, 10M free, 1535M swap in use, 1464K swap free
>Which say app. 1 MB of swap space is free.. Then why is that I got the
>warning message?

The reply was:
Because not many things can swap into 1.5mb of space.  When a process
getts swapped the whole process gets swapped and hence I was receiving the 
warning messages...


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