SUMMARY: making disks equal

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Date: Fri Aug 31 2001 - 03:37:54 EDT
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The best answers:

first using prtvtoc and fmthard duplicate the slice layout to the new disk
2nd figure out the block size for each of the slices using something like
	fstyp -v /dev/rdsk/cXtYdAsB | grep bsize  <-- data block size.
	df -g | grep "block size"
lastly do your dd but give it the block size
p.s. dd is slow you may want to try a different method


----I done it that way--------------------------------

>This seems to take years... another problem is that I don't know if anythig

It will take years - the way you are using the command is very
inefficient.  You should put a block size on the dd commands (use
bs=819200 or something like that) so the disks will be read in large
blocks not character at a time.

>Q: Is the usage of the above mentioned command correct ?

Correct but not efficient - use a block size on the command.

>Q: Can I do it that way?


>Q: (guess) how long will it take (disks are SUN9.0G)

It depends - doing it character by character will take an extremely
long time, if you do the blocking then probably an hour or so.

>Q: Can I monitor the data traffic of the disks or byte exchange ?

You can use iostat to watch the disk utilisation.

>Q: Will the disks be absolutely equal afterwards ?


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