SUMMARY: Two subnets with trunking attached.

From: Charles Bookman <>
Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 23:53:57 EDT
The question I asked entailed setting up two distinct
interfaces to two different subnets, and how would I
prevent routing between them? Also, one of the
interfaces is a QFE card, and how would I enable
trunking for that?

The answer to my first question seemed to be to touch
/etc/notrouter. (I was doing /etc/norouter. Bleah.)
John Marrett suggested that "If you execute 'ndd -set
/dev/ip ip_forwarding 0' you will disable ip
forwarding. This will prevent the server from
forwarding packets before a reboot. After a reboot you
should use the 'ndd -get /dev/ip ip_forwarding' and
confirm that the value is 0.

An implementation of a firewall was also suggested.

The QFE card has trunking software available for
purchase by Sun.

*Mucho* thanks go to:

Christopher Ciborowski
Trevor Paquette
Darren Dunham  
John Marrett
Stephen P. Potter   
McCaffity, Ray  
Neill, Mark 
Dietsch, Nathan 

Charles Bookman
Unix System Administrator
University of the Pacific

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