SUMMARY: Failed login timer?

From: Tony Brown <>
Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 10:43:55 EDT
I apologize for the very late summary, but I have been swamped as of late.

I originally posted:

     Being relatively new to Solaris, I have noticed that if I telnet to a
machine and issue an incorrect login or            password, there is a
certain wait that occurs before a login prompt occurs again.  This does not
occur in AIX or     RH Linux.  Is there a way to control this?
The consensus was that this was intentionally done to prevent brute
password attacks, although this option can be changed by editing the
SLEEPTIME variable in /etc/default/login.  The variable can range from 0 to
5 seconds.

Thank you to the following people for replying:
     Konstantin Rozinov
     Dan Lowe
     David Stern
     Christopher L. Barnard
     Kevin Buterbaugh

Tony Brown
Unix Administrator
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