SUMMARY: Xterminal keyboard sun

From: Gerard Henry <>
Date: Wed Aug 29 2001 - 12:28:30 EDT
thanks to, but not working. 
Somebody send me docs and now it s okay

> i have x terminal ncd, nc200, with sun keyboard (SUN V). I don't know
> what keys i have to use to launch the setup window?
or you can also enable http on your tx, and manage it with netscape

> I installed NCBridge3.2 on my sol8 server. It works well, but sometimes,
> user on nc200 can't login on the server, something is bad with the font
> server, because if a do: kill -HUP <pid-of-xfs>, it works. But now, font
> server is down and i can't restart it.
perhaps a bug , sun recommend me to do this change in inetd.conf:
<fs              stream  tcp     wait nobody /usr/openwin/lib/   
>fs              stream  tcp     wait nobody /usr/openwin/lib/    /usr/openwin/lib/

Gerard HENRY
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