Summary-Re: error opening x in a remote host

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Date: Mon Aug 27 2001 - 14:13:25 EDT
Thank you for everybody 
you are amazingly kind,helpful and all others complements my english dont 
let me say.... 
especially for Derek 
his answer was bingo!! 

wes told me to check .Xauthority but havent such a file in the system 
and everybody said xhost but in the radius it returned not found... 
the solution was exactly like Derek steps 
Thankx to all 

>On the machine www you need to run the xhost command 
> something like 
> xhost +radius 
> That will allow your radius server to put a display on the www 
> Or maybe you are not on the www machine and then would need to 
>adjust your DISPLAY env variable to be that of the host you are on. 
> Derek. 
>> one week ago i use to administer my users from admintool,because we don't 
>> have a monitor for the mail box the administration is though telnet and 
>> never got problems till..... 
>> login: root 
>> Password: 
>> Last login: Mon Aug 27 12:27:39 from www 
>> Sun Microsystems Inc. SunOS 5.6 Generic August 1997 
>> You have new mail. 
>> [root@radius ]#admintool & 
>> 16941 
>> [root@radius ]#Xlib: connection to "www:0.0" refused by server 
>> Xlib: Client is not authorized to connect to Server 
>> Error: Can't open display: www:0.0 
>> any help? 
>> will summarize 
>> thanx in advance 
>> Fabio 
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