SUMMARY: disk board on E4500 disabled

From: <>
Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 15:56:35 EDT
OK, thanks to the handful of people who started helping me troubleshoot...  
BUT...   I finally found it in the reference manual --there is no internal 
SCSI chain back to the main board -- a well-placed scsi cable between the 
IO and disk boards did a world of good.  

Thanks again for those who offered help!  Now, back to troubleshooting the
2 NICs.


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Subject: disk board on E4500 disabled

Hello again Managers,

Still working on jumpstarting my E4500 (and not able to test any of the
suggestions from my previous question).  I have a new and bigger issue....

The internal drive board on the E4500 shows a single amber light, which
apparently represents "disabled".  Here's part of the prtdiag output:

	Detached Boards
	  Slot  State       Type           Info
	  ----  ---------   ------
	    3    disabled   disk           Disk 0: Target: 10   Disk 1:
Target: 11   

I can't seem to find much documentation on troubleshooting this.  Any

Will summarize when fixed.

Thanks in advance!

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