Summary:How to use Cdrecord

From: comp question <>
Date: Thu Aug 23 2001 - 14:15:23 EDT
Thanks to:
Atha Kouroussis
and David Foster
  Turns out it was a goof on my part.  I did not do a "make install" afterr 
"make".  I overlooked that part when I read the README and it said no need 
to do a "configure" since this was a new format of the Makefile.

   I had posted a while back about cd-rw on solaris.  I got tons of useful 
responses as to hardware and software.  I ended up getting a Plextor 
12/10/32S (SCSI) and am attempting to use cdrecord 1.9.  Unfortunately, I am 
having some difficulties with it.  I attached the drive and the OS sees it, 
and I downloaded the cdrecord software and compiled it but it does not seem 
to be working.  I used
make CCOM=gcc
to compile the program.  The log seems ok but I cannot get the program to 
run.  The executable should be in the cdrecord1.9 directory, right?  Also, I 
cannot get the man pages to work.  I am using a SS20 running Solaris 8 for 
testing.  Thanks in advance.

The config.log file is located under /cdrecord1.9/incs/sparc-sunos5-gcc

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