SUMMARY: changing utsname settiings

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Date: Thu Aug 23 2001 - 08:50:00 EDT
Thanks to Mike Kiernan who is awarded 1 million points for the

/usr/bin/setuname -s SunOS  [that's a new one on me, too!]

I'm stumped as to how the kernel initializes that value though.
nodename comes from /etc/nodename
version + release comes from /etc/release (I presume)
sysname comes from....??
answers on a postcard!

setuname -s worked like a charm - thanks Mike.

Original Posting:
One of my enterprise servers is giving the following output on uname :
emd1 emd1 5.6 Generic_105181-28 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-Enterprise

Investigating further the sysdef shows the following values set :
* Utsname Tunables
     5.6  release (REL)
    emd1  node name (NODE)
    emd1  system name (SYS)
Generic_105181-28  version (VER)

Now I know I can change the the NODE setting by uname -S but how do I
change the SYS setting to what it should be ie SunOS.  This is causing
us some problems as we have scripts which will check these settings for
reports etc.


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