SUMMARY:Multiple IP addresses- 1 interface and default router

From: Mark Gosselin <>
Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 09:01:10 EDT
Hi List,

Thanks to everyone who replied. There are far too many to mention......

My interface is working properly and was within two hours of my message.
However, I sent the message
on Friday afternoon and it didn't appear in my inbox (nor did I receive any
responses) until last night....
Rather strange.

What I was doing wrong as so many people pointed out was leaving the 'up'
off the end of my ifconfig
command. Once I did that, my workstation (a DNS server) started working
under both IPs.

Mark Gosselin
NetScout Systems

Original post:

Quick one, I hope. I  need to assign a second IP address to my hme0
interface. I also need to
add a default router to correspond with that IP..... I can do an ifconfig
but I can't get that IP to answer a ping.... Any input would be

Mark Gosselin
NetScout Systems
Received on Tue Aug 21 14:01:10 2001

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