SUMMARY: Help with CD-RW for Solaris

From: comp question <>
Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 15:09:40 EDT
Thanks to all who replied.  I have ordered the plextor SCSI model I 
mentioned in my post as most said they have used it and have no problems.  
Thanks again for all the responses.  My original post follows:

Hello all,
    I have been looking at the archives for this question, but was hoping to 
get some current responses.  I am looking for a CD-RW drive for my solaris 
machines, which range from ultra 5's up to E4500's.  My major question is 
does anyone know a manufacturer that works with this range of servers.  I am 
assuming the drive will have to be SCSI if I want to use it on the E4500.  
Although I would look at a IDE writer if it was at a good price and had 
proven reliability.
   However, I do not believe that I can use a IDE on a E4x00 but should be 
able to use it on an Ultra 5 and E450, right.  Please correct me if I am 
wrong.  I would like some suggestions on the software to use as well.  From 
previous posts its seems as though everyone has been pleased with 
cdrecord-1.9.  Please keep in mind that cost is a major issue.  I do not 
htink I can spend more than $300-$400.  I have read about the Plextor 
12/10/32A and would like some review on that as well.  Thanks in advance for 
the help.

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