SUMMARY: Netra X1 IP Setup Problem

From: Scott Grantham <>
Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 14:42:29 EDT
Thanks to everyone who responded, although some answers I got did not =
to the situation.  I ended up following William Hathaway's advice and =
it not to configure networking and then editing the following files by =

Now everything seems to be running smoothly.  Thanks again.

-Scott Grantham
Sand Cherry Networking

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Subject: Netra X1 IP Setup Problem

I have a brand new out of the box Netra X1 that is not taking the IP =
I am trying to assign it with the Network Connectivity walkthru.  It =
if the box is going to be networked (Y), asks if I want DHCP (N), the
hostname, the IP address, if I need IPv6 (N), and then when I hit F2 on =
Confirm Information screen I get this:

=C4 System Identification Error

  An error occurred while trying to set the IP address x.x.x.x on the
  network interface.

  > Press F2 to dismiss this message.

Pressing F2 restarts the Network Connectivity walkthru and pressing F6 =
help does nothing.

I've tried several resets, poweroffs, different IP addresses, etc with =
luck. =20

Has anyone seen this, or have any ideas what might be going on?

-Scott Grantham
Sand Cherry Networks
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