SUMMARY: sunos 4.1.4 maximum disk size

From: Spiro Harvey <>
Date: Sun Aug 19 2001 - 16:15:59 EDT
thanks to all those who replied.

a couple of replies told me what I had found in hours of scouring the
net.. the maximum partition size is 2gb. but my question was the physical
disk size, not the partitions.

it seems that the physical disk size maximum is 4gb. 

but having said that, one person said it was possible to put in whatever
numbers I wanted into 'format' to get the desired size. apparently sunos
cares little about the drive specifications. I'm not going to try it on
this machine, but will when I get some free time.

and for those that asked, yes the app was tested, both here and in Japan,
and it doesn't run unless it's on 4.1.4. I'm unsure as to whether it's
been tested under 2.8, but 2.6 yielded negative results. 

I'll follow up the testing on 2.8.

thanks again to all. your help is greatly appreciated once more :)

Spiro Harvey
UNIX Systems Administrator
Received on Sun Aug 19 21:15:59 2001

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