Summary: SunPCI problems

From: Rainer Heilke <>
Date: Fri Aug 17 2001 - 11:36:20 EDT
My apologies for the long delay on posting the summary to the list. Life has been ... life.

While I did not get any responses to my question from the
list, I did manage to get hold of an engineer in Sun's
SunPCI group who was able to provide a solid answer.

In the SunPC.ini file (note the filename spelling), add:


Without these two lines, the SunPCI software tries to
contact the X Font server and fails. The extent of the
failure (and the error messages or lack there-of) 
depends upon the versions of the libraries you have, etc.
It seems this causes quite a host of problems, and that
this will become part of the default install.

I have done some testing in the meantime (in what little
time life has afforded me in the past weeks) and it seems
solid. I would definitely recommend the SunPCI route for
cross-platform access. This is especially true now that
FWB no longer seems interested in SoftWindows (at least, 
they don't seem to be responding to requests regarding 
the program).

Again, my apologies for the delay.

Rainer Heilke,
"But I don't want to kill the bunny!"
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