SUMMARY: Hard drive compatibility

From: Drew Raines <>
Date: Fri Aug 17 2001 - 10:14:11 EDT
The consensus was that the drives should be interchangeable as long as they
physically are compatible.  Some might have different spin-rates, but still
should work fine.

John Marrett suggested looking at the part number (5404521-01), indicating
it's a 36GB, hot-swappable drive.  I had a 36 GB drive already in the 450
to which I compared it, and their numbers matched.

All that said, I threw the drive in there and ran the following commands
(found in the most-excellent archives):


Nothing exploded, so I guess all is well.  

Thanks also to the following for their responses:

   Joe Fletcher
   Sydney Weinstein
   Hichael Morton
   Grant Schoep

--- Original Message ---
> I have two new Ultra 80's which shipped with giant 36 GB drives.  They
> don't need the space, so I planned on swapping them with some 9 GB drives
> in my E450, which runs an NFS server.
> The drives physically seem to match, however, are there any concerns I
> should be aware of before trying the drives in the 450?  Are the drives in
> the Ultra 80's "specialized" in any way for that particular machine?  Will
> the 9 GB from the 450 work in the 80's?

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