SUMMARY: Raid Manager 6.22 and A3500

From: Granville, Danny <>
Date: Thu Aug 16 2001 - 12:27:13 EDT
Thanks to all those who replied.  Below is a summary of the responses.

The suggestions included:

1. Getting rid of the A3500 altogether and attaching the D1000's directly to
the host.
2. Sticking with the configuration I described initially (having VxVM only
doing basic management--concatenation at most--of RM6's LUN's)
3. Creating two disk mirrors in RM6 and using VxVM to stripe or concatenate
them altogether.

After looking at the suggestions and the pros and cons of each, it seems we
will stick to our current practice of creating striping and mirroring at the
RM6 level and using Volume Manager to grow and shrink volumes if necessary
(we might actually use suggestion 3 to some extent as well).  It's not a
solution I like, but if we want to leverage some of the hardware benefits of
the array, then it's one we'll have to live with.

Daniel Granville
UNIX Systems Administrator

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> Hi Managers,
> I have an A3500 with 5 x D1000's and I would really like to be able to do
> most of my RAID administration through Veritas Volume Manager 3.1.  Right
> now, I have RAID Manager 6.22 managing the striping of LUNs and have VxVM
> concatenating and/or mirroring them together.  I would like the reverse to
> be true if possible--RM concatentating drives together and VxVM doing the
> striping.  Is there anyway in RM to take, say 2 disks, and tell it don't
> stripe, but concatenate?
> (Unfortunately, we have more than 32 drives in the array, so it's not
> simply
> a matter of assigning each drive to it's own LUN).
> Thanks in advance.  I will summarize the responses I get.
> Daniel Granville
> UNIX Systems Administrator
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