UPDATE....ftp problems

From: ritesh patel <ritesh_patel13_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Thu Aug 16 2001 - 11:55:57 EDT
Thanks to all who responded, I haven't reached a solution or been able to 
pinpoint the exact cause yet.  But as suggested I looked at ncftp, which led 
me to possible causes for the problem.  I installed ncftp client since the 
server I was connecting to has ncftpd running.  Doing this helped bring more 
files over but the ftp session still hung (all be it much later tahn 
before).  While running ncftp in the debug mode I saw something that I need 
help with.  By default ncftp runs in BIN mode, but there are certain files 
that come in ascii mode no matter what.  and one of my sessions running 
nfctp which hung, hung on the file that comes in ascii mode.  Question is 
how can that particular file come in ascii mode over and over again 
(eventhough type is bin and all other files come in bin mode) and is this 
related to the hung ftp sessions?


Original posting :

Subject:  ftp problems


Not sure if this email reached the group or not.  Problem I am having is
while doing a mget * after about 10-15 minutes ftp hangs.  There's enough
space on the destination server and there are few hundred files still
needing to be ftp'd from teh source. Tried ftp a few times but it hangs
every time.  Any help appreciated. Will summarize


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