SUMMARY2: floppy hell, pkgadd hell, driver hell

From: Leslie Connally <>
Date: Thu Aug 16 2001 - 11:43:44 EDT

I apologize for not replying to EVERYONE (there were lots of you. thanks again.)

I wanted to add two more suggestions (though I havent tried these yet):

B) pkgadd to spool
>>>>-s spool       Write the package into  the  directory  spool
>>>>                    instead of installing it.
"pkgadd -d /dev/rfd0 -s spool anfc.  This will copy the pkg
instance to /var/spool/pkg"

C) pkgtrans
eg: pkgtrans -s /dev/rfd0 /tmp/anfc.pkg
or: pkgtrans /vol/dev/rdiskette/diskette0 /var/tmp all

>Thanks for the loads of replies..
>And they were all the same !
>dd if=/dev/rfd0 bs=something
>>I have a floppy with some adapter drivers on it. Probably the only copy
>>left in existence.
>>And it does work..  (I tried it) Instructions say:
>>/etc/init.d/volmgt stop
>>pkgadd -d /dev/rfd0 anfc
>>yada yada yada
>>/etc/init.d/volmgt start
>>and all this does work..
>>on the wrong machine.
>>You see.. I have ONE sparc with a floppy drive on it, and NO sbus boxes
>>with floppies, I am hoping to copy all the files off this floppy and make
>>an archive I can transport via copper as needed... and run pkgadd on
>>these transported file.. not install it off this ephemeral, unmountable
>>and with no filesystem I can discern floppy that has no floppy drive to
>>be put into.
>>(and have an archive)
>>Any ideas?
>>Les Connally
>>pkgadd did install files in /opt (I used a fake /opt) and ran a driver
>>install script (moved stuff to /kernel eg), but the actual pkg config
>>file that made all this happen was not installed..  (thankfully a remove
>>script was) so the installed files could not function as my archive...
>>missing scripts/config files and things
>>It was suggested that this might be a cpio file (and thus unmountable)
>>and that cpio might extract the files, but I could not get cpio to work..
>>error: "Impossible Headers"
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