Summary: wu-ftp not accepting connections

From: Kurt Werth <>
Date: Wed Aug 15 2001 - 13:24:39 EDT
Thanks to and
for their ideas.

I didn't solve the problem with wu-ftp, but installed
proftp instead. Took 5 minutes to compile and install
and I was back to serving restricted ftp access within 
an hour.

Original question:

Running wu-ftp 2.6.1 on an E3000 running Solaris 8,
I can't ftp in to this machine. The in.ftpd daemon
starts fine, and truss shows it working to the ftp
prompt, however, I never see the prompt on the client
end. Has anyone else run into this?

I can get in if I change the tcp version to 'tcp6' 
in the inetd.conf entry, but then every command
executed brings on an "Illegal PORT Command".
Why would switching to tcp6 work?

If I change back to the stock ftp I can connect fine,
so there's something funny with my wu-ftp install or
something related. The problem occurs whether or not
I invoke in.ftpd with the "-a" to use an ftpaccess

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