SUMMARY: Re: Name Resolution Delay nslookup? traceroute?

From: Leslie Connally <>
Date: Tue Aug 14 2001 - 18:30:38 EDT

Thanks everyone for their suggestions.

As is reasonable, it was suggested I first check basic settings in
resolf.conf and nsswitch.conf

Also do a

traceroute -n ip-address

to note differnce between a trace with and without name resolution (which I
had already investigates)

I had failed to mention this was a new development on a system which
previously was fine, and may be either ISDN related (doubtful) or an
upsteam ISP Code Red prevention side effect. Or voodoo.

The best reply to my mind, was from Steve H. who suggested using snoop
"using the relative time comparison option"

snoop -r -t port domain

>> make that snoop -tr port domain

-td {time delta}
seems more useful than
-tr {time relative {to initial event}}

Others recommended snoop as well. I was familiar with snoop on a simplistic
level, and had used it before for diagnostics, but have a new appreciation
for it.

Les Connally

>what I am trying to do is diagnose internet throughput delays, which I
>suspect are due to naem resolution DNS Server delays.
>I can find no tiemstamp function in nslookup.. (which might help pinpoint a
>Traceroute shows hop latency and delays but does not document delays in
>name resolutiion. even though you can see the delays as it proceeds.
>Any ideas? Any tool any platform
>Les Connally
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