SUMMARY: Addendum: accounts for multiuser systems

From: Harold White <>
Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 12:00:36 EDT
<This summary addendum is kind of long>
Thank you to all who responded with additional suggestions.
I will summize once again.

First a little info I found regarding
how you can (NOT) kill CDE screen lock.
INFODOC ID: 13065 
SYNOPSIS: How to kill CDE screen lock 
A similar capability existed in OpenWindows, but this is different
OpenWindows used the "xlock" client, whereas the CDE screen lock is
into the window manager (dtwm) and session manager (dtsession).
you *cannot* unlock the screen simply by killing dtscreen.  This is
because CDE notices its death and starts a new one.
The only way to kill the screen lock is to kill the user's dtsession,
ends their login session very abruptly!
This design was necessary to provide a secure screen-lock to the user.

The problem still how to disable CDE lock screen on a workstation basis.

I received solutions which remove the lock icon from the toolbar.
(ie. add "DELETE True" to the "CONTROL Lock" definition in
     /usr/dt/appconfig/types/$LANG/dtwm.fp file).
I also tried undefining/commenting the "ACTION LockDisplay" in
the /usr/dt/appconfig/types/$LANG/dt.dt file.

In both cases, a users custom settings, ie. User, thru Style Manager
has their CDE screen lock enabled, will override both settings above.

On a per user basis, tell all users to turn off screen lock presumable
would work!  Good luck on this one :-)

If anyone deicdes to create group accounts, one suggestion was to:
install accounting. 
touch /var/adm/pact 
/etc/init.d/acct start 
use lastcomm to watch users commands...very detailed. 

So ... my users have decided that until I can find a solution,
with our limited resources (lab workstations), my users setup
a policy.  IF there is not a sign with contact information
to find the whereabouts of the person logged in,  then they
will reboot the systems when the screen is locked.

Thanks again ... and any other ideas will be reviewed.

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Subject: SUMMARY: accounts for multiuser systems
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2001 15:00:24 -0500
From: Harold White <>

Only received 3 responses ... thanks to your responses.

1. Do not create a nightmare with group accounts. (I agree)
2. Disable lock screen (in CDE I still do not know how).
3. Use "xlockmore".  It has an option where the user can be logged out
after a
   configurable timeout by a button on the screen (sounds promising!)

I beleive that this could work ... if I can only figure out
#2 ... how to disable CDE-lock on a workstation.

Thanks again,

Harold White wrote:
> Anyone know a good way (ie. maybe leave an audit trail
> of who the person was for accountability purposes) to
> setup an account that is to be used, in our case, a
> lab environment by multiple users.
> Maybe this (above) is not the best solution so here
> is the problem.
> Lab systems (Sun Solaris 7 & 8 CDE systems) are used
> for testing and integration.  Users log in (with their
> default user account) and leave and/or lock the
> screen (CDE lock).  At this point, either an admin has to
> go enter the root password on that system, ie. can't kill
> CDE lock remotely, or the user has to give out their password
> to others (when they not there).  Neither is a good solution.
> Any ideas would be appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Harold White
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