SUMMARY:How to free up a port??

From: comp question <>
Date: Tue Aug 07 2001 - 09:14:30 EDT
Thanks to all who replied.  It turned out that the solution was to get lsof 
and kill the process hanging up the port, did in fact do the trick.

Hello All,
    I have a question regarding the process used to free up a port.  I have 
a port which my software reports is being used.  However, when I do a 
netstat -an and grep for the port is shows that it is in the listen state.  
However, a rpcinfo -p on the machine show the port is registered but does 
not show any details as to the program holding it.
    I have tried waiting and seeing if the port will free itself, but to no 
luck.  Does anyone know how to free this port without a reboot (it is a 
production box)?  I know there is a toll called lsof but I am not too 
familiar with it.  Will that do the trick?  Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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