SUMMARY: Backup software

From: David <>
Date: Mon Aug 06 2001 - 15:56:05 EDT
Hi All,
 Thanks for the response (too many people to mention). Basically we have:
1) Commercial solutions
	Veritas Netbackup and Legato Networker
2) Free solutions
	AMANDA (only suggestion) or scripts

Apparently we have a site license agreement to get Legato at a 'low' price
(Mark, you are right I should have checked the license page first) so I'll
go with Legato.

Thanks again all


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> Hi All,
>    we need to change our backup policy at the lab and we would like to
> have some suggestions. Until now I only made backups of the server machine
> (E250 on a Sony AIT) and the users were responsible for the backup of
> their workstations (most machines have their own DAT tape). As you can
> imagine no user ever made any backup (maybe 5 in the last 3 years). Now
> the problem is that I have a huge variety of platforms. We have SGIs,
> Linux, PCs and Macs. I will use Retrospect on PCs and Macs (not so much
> data on those machines so I won't need to use the AIT, a 20/40GB DAT would
> do the job there) but I don't know which software would do the trick for
> all the other *nix flavors. As I said I would like to keep the tape drive
> on the server (which is an E250). Any suggestions?
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