Summary: boot problem

From: George Monappallil <>
Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 15:20:08 EDT
The "Red State Exception" error was because of a cpu failure on the Ultra1
and that caused all this problem. I changed the system board and now the
ultra1 is working normally and it sees all the scsi devices. Many thanks to
everybody who took the time to reply. Appreciate it :)


George M

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From: George Monappallil 
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Subject: RE: boot problem

I connected a dumb terminal and it actually gave me the error "RED State
Exception" what does this mean? 

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From: Basha Samthani []
Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2001 5:33 PM
To: George Monappallil
Subject: Re: boot problem

Dear George,

Try this ...

1.First check whether any Scsi termination on the external tape device. 
If it so, just put the proper scsi termination to the external disk.

2. If you are sure the scsi termaination is fine, then boot the m/c. 

3. If you face the probelem still,then connect your system to a dump 
terminal through serial port of Ultra1. Find it out the problem as per 
the error message on the console.

Samthani Basha.

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From: George Monappallil <>
Date: Thursday, August 2, 2001 11:57 pm
Subject: boot problem

> Hi guys:
> I have an Ultra 1 with boot problems. Two scsi devices were 
> earlier attached
> to the U1. One of the scsi devices(tape) were removed and the U1 
> was shut
> down. Now when I am trying to boot the U1 it does not respond. It 
> just goes
> thru the "initializing memory" phase and then hangs. I am 
> experiencing the
> same problem when trying to boot with a cdrom. I did a probe-scsi-
> all and
> everything seems to be fine. Target 0 and 1 are internal disks, 
> target 3 is
> the external disk and target 6 is the cdrom. How do i get this 
> machine to
> boot. Will summarize.
> Thanks,
> George
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