SUMMARY: process with no proper owner

From: Hindley Nick <>
Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 06:12:53 EDT
Thanks to all who replied.
While there were many suggestions on how to kill the process, as I
suspected, there is no mechanism in the kernel to prevent a job from running
for a user who isn't in the passwd file.

I find this surprising to be honest but there you go...

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>using solaris 2.6 - a colleague of mine deleted a user that had processes
>running on the system.  Howeverm, the processes carried on running.  Is
>there an option anywhere to stop this?  I know that cron/at jobs won't run
>if the user is no longer a valid user.

Cron will check whether a user is still valdi at the time it launches the

The kernel does not care about usernames and those jobs will continue to
run until they exit or are killed.


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