SUMMARY: sys-unconfig in Sol8

From: Greg Ulyatt <>
Date: Thu Aug 02 2001 - 04:14:08 EDT
Hello all,

Thanks to all for the responses, but is there something up with the
I have not seen the summary I posted out yesterday appear yet...

Anyway, There were a number of people who offered hints. Thanks to the
numerous people who responded. There appear to be 2 different issues
can cause this:

1) get patch 109221, as there is a problem in the inital releases of
that have a broken sys-unconfig. (I was running the latest MU, this was
the solution I needed, but is intresting to note.)

2) if you used Jumpstart (I did) The ethers files from the server will
mean that sys-unconfig will not need to get it's IP address. Similar
to having the system come up with a DHCP address. This happened to be
my problem

Once again, thanks for all the responses!


> you wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've just had an odd experience with sys-unconfig in Solaris 8. Does
> anyone know why, with sys-config, I can't change the hostname! I've seen
> this in a U10, U5 and SS20 (Sol 8 hw 10/00). I can reset everything, but
> for some reason it will never reset the hostname, in fact I'm not even
> asked to change it (or the IPv4 address either). I can change it
> manually, but I'd like to know, is this a bug or feature? Anyone else
> seen this? The man page claims it should still change the hostname as
> well...

Greg Ulyatt
UNIX Systems Administrator
High Wycombe, Bucks, UK
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