SUMMARY: auto_direct file

From: Jeff Kennedy <>
Date: Wed Aug 01 2001 - 19:44:37 EDT
For all the people who responded, thank you.

Special thanks to David Evans who pointed out the obvious (everything's
obvious after the fact...).  Automount maps are really for the local
client only.  Given that, try running a mount command that mounts a
filesytem for both you and another host.  Doesn't work too well. 
Basically I'm trying to tell the export server from my host 'let me
mount this filesystem rw but have other-host mount it as ro.' which
doesn't work.

My only option is to control the permissions at the source.  The source
is a NetApp filer, so the exports file should look something like:

/path/to/export -root=host1:host2,-rw=host3,host4,-ro

This says export it as root for host1 and host2, rw for host3 and host4,
and ro for everything else.  Order is VERY important as it applies the
permissions in order for the specified hosts; so if it's ro first then
everything would be ro including the root and rw hosts.


Jeff Kennedy wrote:
> I am trying to control a mount using auto_direct.  I need to allow one
> host to mount the filesystem rw while all others are ro.  My entry looks
> like this currently:
> mount   -rw,hard,intr   server:/path/to/filesystem
> I have tried the following entries:
>         -ro,-rw=host,hard,intr
>         -rw=host,-ro,hard,intr
> Neither work.  In the first one, everyone is ro, including host.  In the
> second, everyone is rw.  My NFS book doesn't really talk about multiple
> options.
> How do I get host to mount rw but all others ro?
> Thanks.

Jeff Kennedy
Unix Administrator
Received on Thu Aug 2 00:44:37 2001

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