SUMMARY: xml::parser on solaris 8

From: Chris McAvoy <>
Date: Tue Jul 31 2001 - 11:13:07 EDT
First of all, let me say, this was my first question on this list, and I was
absolutly delighted by the volume of quick, throughal responses.

The problem is in my sun build of perl.  Sun builds perl using cc, which
means that subsequent low-level modules should be built with cc as well. has a gcc built perl package.

Thank you all for your help,
Chris McAvoy

>From Sunfreeware:

2. How was Perl 5.6.1 compiled on Solaris?

This version of perl was compiled with the following commands:

	sh Configure -Dcc=gcc -de
	make test
	make install

No special additions were made. Go to
Remember that there is an "official" Sun version of perl in /usr/bin on
Solaris 8. You might want to use it instead, but note the following comments
from a user:

Just a note on your note on the Perl 5.6 package for Solaris. You noted that
Solaris comes with Perl (5.00503) and that it might be better to stick with
that instead of re-installing Perl unless you really need 5.6.

I had trouble installing Perl modules like DBI etc. with the Perl that came
with Solaris 8. Someone in the comp.unix.solaris newsgroup said that was
because Sun compiled Perl with their own cc compiler. Perl remembers the
compiler used to build it, and looks for that when you try to run make to
build modules.

According to that poster (I'm yet to reinstall Perl to try this), if you
re-compile Perl with gcc, everything will work fine and you will be able to
build modules with gcc.

( I haven't bought Sun's compiler so I only get an error that that "language
option" is not installed when I try to build Perl modules).

So anyway, my only point is that there may be another good reason (aside
from an upgrade to 5.6) for re-installing Perl on Solaris 8.

Another user reports:

The author is correct in that you should compile all C-extended Perl modules
with the same compiler Perl was compiled with itself. This also extends to
mod_perl enabled Apache compilations, the Apache should be compiled with the
same compiler Perl and mod_perl was compiled with (can be confusing when
using a DSO Apache and shared mod_perl). It would probably make life a lot
easier to just recompile Perl with gcc straight away :)
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