Tip: Sun Blade memory

From: Koos van den Hout <koos_at_cs.uu.nl>
Date: Tue Jul 31 2001 - 04:21:51 EDT
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Not a question but a tip to share.

We ordered a few Sun Blade 100s and I started to test-install the first
one. We bought memory upgrades (Sun Memory!) for 1 Gig per machine. I
moved the 128 Mb Dimm to slot DIMM2 and put 2 512 Mb Dimms in slot DIMM0
and DIMM1.

After a while the machine would reboot, with the following reasons:

Jul 30 11:37:47 atria SUNW,UltraSPARC-IIe: [ID 980356 kern.warning] WARNING=
: [AFT1] Uncorrectable Memory Error on CPU0 at TL=3D0, errID 0x0000010f.a20=
Jul 30 11:37:47 atria     AFSR 0x00000000.80300000<PRIV,UE,CE> AFAR 0x00000=
Jul 30 11:37:47 atria     AFSR.PSYND 0x0000(Score 05) AFSR.ETS 0x00 Fault_P=
C 0x10092bcc
Jul 30 11:37:47 atria     UDBH 0x0331<UE,CE> UDBH.ESYND 0x31 UDBL 0x0000 UD=
 Jul 30 11:37:47 atria     UDBH Syndrome 0x31 Memory Module DIMM2

I tested and swapped but it turns out the Dimms need to be in their socket
very firmly (apply some pressure when seating them).

So far it's running stable now.


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